Sunday, November 21, 2010

My coworkers are jerks, should I tell my boss?

I've worked for the same hospital for awhile now and I just transferred to another unit (I wanted another shift and it was available on the new unit). There are these two other nurses that I work with now who are unbearable.

For one thing, every conversation they have is about other people. They sit there and talk bad about everyone. Every time someone leaves the nurses' station they start in on them. And the things they say are really awful. One nurse brought in pictures of her 12 years daughter and the second she was out of earshot they started talking about how fat and ugly the girl was. Then they try and get you in on it. They were asking me if I liked a particular nurse and I tried to change the subject (I said something along the lines of ';I don't know her that well. She seems okay';). They could not take a hint .They would not let it go. They just kept talking about all these things she did or said. I mentioned it to a nurse from my old unit and she said that they try to get you to say stuff and then they go and tell the other person what you said. I kind of had an idea that they might so I don't say anything. I mean, I don't talk about people anyway, but I don't trust them as far as I can throw them.

Then there's the pranks. They sent one nurse on a wild goose chase across the hospital. They put vaseline on the phone and then told another they had a phone call.

They also do that thing where they say something mean like they're joking, but you really kind of get the idea that they're really just trying to say it.

Anyway, I have my review coming up and I have no idea what to say to my boss. My old job has already been filled, so I want to transfer to another unit. I don't want to come across like I can't get along with my coworkers and I don't want to get them in trouble (okay, I'd actually love that, but I don't want to be known as someone who snitches). And if the transfer doesn't go through I'm stuck working with them. What should I say to my boss?My coworkers are jerks, should I tell my boss?
I would not tell the boss yet, or at all. Ignore them, focus on work and perhaps things will improve. If not, then later put in for a transfer (after whatever is a reasonable amount of time at your job, so you will not look like you are just bouncing around).My coworkers are jerks, should I tell my boss?
You never want to give the impression you cannot get along well with all types of people. Just don't participate in the gossip %26amp; immature behavior. eventually, it will catch up with them. You aren't at work to make friends, just do your job to the best of your own ability %26amp; then go home feeling rewarded that you contributed your time %26amp; care to other human beings who were in need.
Have they displayed any kind of this behavior towards patients? If they have you can approach it as concerned about the patients experience! I personally have had rude staff in the ER argue with each other, roll their eyes, complain, all while I was trying to get admitted and treated. I still run through my mind the snide and off base remarks I heard made by the nurses at the station outside my door about me and other patients that day. It really upset me. If they have displayed this kind of behavior towards or in the earshot of patients you can bring it up in that manner and while discussing that say, it is one thing to disturb other workers by the gossip and pranks but when the patients are dragged into I get very concerned. That may open the door for you to spill your guts. Mention that you do not in any way want to be a snitch but it is making your work experience less than professional and you won't mention again but hope that some work ethic can be introduced for the benefit of the staff and the patients.

Best of Luck! NO matter where you work this kind of childish and disruptive behavior occurs.

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