Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to get along with all female coworkers?

I am working a new job in a sports bar restaurant, similar to hooters. I am a female waitress and all my other co-workers are females in the same age range. I was warned there would be catiness and fighting and have already found this to be true, I don't want to get caught up in it, I just want to get along with my co-workers at work and do my job.

Any tips for avoiding the catiness and being professionally friendly?How to get along with all female coworkers?
My best advice is to be friendly with them, but try not get too personally involved. From my experience, i have realized that you need to get a feel for coworkers before considering them friends or becoming personal with them. But at the same time you need to be friendly or they will assume you either don't care for them or think you are above them. Try to talk to them about things not necessarily related to work, and if you find your self in a situation where gossip is occuring find a reason to have to walk away. Once you have been there for a while you will realize who you can trust and who you need to stay away from. Just take a little time to feel the enviroment out.How to get along with all female coworkers?
Pay more attention to your customers than co-workers if possible.
In a work environment like that, if you can't stand up for yourself and fight back, then you may find that it's not the right job for you after all.
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When you talk with them don't make it about someone else, and don't get caught having to take sides. Make them work it out themselves. Taking a side never helped them it only made trouble for you. If one wants to get in your face walk away. It takes a bigger person to walk away then to stoop to their level and fight. What has any fight ever proven anyway? That one made it to the top that day, was louder than the other or was meaner? But did it solve anything? When you realize that you can walk away and have a laugh at what they are doing. I am not saying that if I had to protect myself I wouldn't, but I would look for a way out first and then I would let someone else throw the first punch. Usually they want to get you to do that so it can end up a stand off anyway.

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